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Exhibition Planning Pages

EPIC's Faces of Iraq Photography Exhibit
Buffalo, NY Showings
May 2 to May 10, 2003

Exhibition Public Pages:
Exhibition Planning Pages:


Planning Notes and Updates:

Tuesday, April 29th   (11:18 AM EDT)

  1. Pat Donovan (UB News Bureau) and Christopher Fitz (EPIC) have 
    been added to this list for help and updates related to the exhibition.
  2. Pat has drafted a PR release and has offered to help get it
    out.  We don't have time to make this a group writing exercise
    but if you have serious concerns, give me a call direct on my
    cell at 698-1232 and I'll address as best possible.  I've
    attached the draft release.  My only suggestion will be to add
    a note about Bill Marx as featured speaker at the opening if
    it's appropriate in this release.  I get the impression from
    some that if we have time we'll blast out a last day invitation
    to the press for the opening and that may be where we feature
    Bill.  His recent journey through Iraq and even handed
    humanitarian love should be a major asset.  I'll also see if
    it might be acceptable and more effective to have it go out under
    a CEPA banner.  BuffaloPeacePeople may put some off more than
    we'd like.
  3. Lawrence Brose at CEPA will be coordinating PR and logistics
    for the opening.  Lawrence has also offered to handle liquid
    refreshments, including wine (for which he has secured a liquor
    license for the reception just to be safe).  Teresa Maciocha at
    the Peace Center has offered to take point on preparing cheese &
    crackers, veggies and dip and whatever else may be god for
    munchies.  [a cool slip, but he really meant "good" for munchies
    -- ed
    ]  I've just received verbal approval from EPIC for revised
    wall-text for the exhibition which is also the on-line overview
    page text.  See
    or follow the overview link from the /faces page.  Chris at
    EPIC will follow-up with a one-line email OK for files.  Thanks
    to Teresa for the prod that got me going on a re-write.
  4. Bev Hiestand has offered to try to get some of her IAC/A.N.S.W.E.R
    members to help with flyering.  We're particularly shy on
    volunteers for downtown, still need them put up in stores
    and can always use mailings if any of you are still able to
    help out with your own lists and/or members.

There are others to be sure, but special thanks to Lawrence Brose
(CEPA), Chris Fitz (EPIC), Teresa Maciocha (WNY Peace Center),
Marty Sawma (Buffalo Club CPUSA), Pat Donovan (UB News), Bill
Marx (Pax Christi, WNY), and Bev Hiestand (IAC/A.N.S.W.E.R) for
all the help so far.  We make a great team.  Kudos and thanks.

Feel free to call me direct with any issues, 698-1232, 24/7,
voicemail works fine if I can't take the call.


Thursday, April 24th   (3:14 PM EDT)

  1. Last minute discussions and practicalities resulted in another
    minor change: the addition of a single line noting the date/time
    of the opening reception.  Click here for this latest version. 
    The only ongoing change anticipated will be additions to the
    Friends & Supporters list and should not hold up printing and
  2. I'm awaiting printing costs for about 1000 copies on 24-hour
    turnaround.  If the costs compare favorably to home/office laser
    printing, I'll proceed and we can use them for handouts and general

Thursday, April 24th   (1:41 PM EDT)

  1. The FINAL DRAFT flyer noted previously is now locked-down for
    reproduction.  Best judgments from experience were that hours
    of availability and after-hours possibilities would add clutter and
    that people call the gallery for that information anyway.  Please 
    now feel free to download, reproduce and circulate the flyer.  Keep
    in mind that it  is a large file, approximately 850 KB, and will take
    awhile to download.  Again, full credit, kudos, and raucous huzzahs 
    to CEPA Gallery and their graphic artist, Jessica Kourkounis for this
    exquisite and timely contribution to our effort.
  2. The BuffaloPeacePeople public pages for the Exhibition will always
    be homed at:  A start-up skeleton
    page is on-line now.  I'll build it out with guidance from the group
    working on PR as rapidly as I'm able.
  3. The BuffaloPeacePeople internal planning  pages for the Exhibition
    will always be homed at: 
    I'll continue to post developments and related links there as well.

Thursday, April 24th   (1:15 PM EDT)

  1. A FINAL DRAFT flyer is available for review.  Please do NOT yet
    circulate even this version.  It is for final review only.  It is a large file,
    approximately 850 KB, and will take awhile to download.  Full credit
    goes to CEPA Gallery and their graphic artist, Jessica Kourkounis.
  2. I'll circulate a note on the list shortly when we're satisfied that the
    design is final and locked-down for reproduction.

Wednesday, April 23rd   (6:35 PM EDT)

  1. The exhibition dates have been revised.
  2. A DRAFT flyer is available for review.  Please do NOT circulate
    this version.  It is for final review only.  It is a large file, approximately
    850 KB, and will take awhile to download.  I think it's gorgeous and full
    credit goes to CEPA Gallery and their graphic artist, Jessica Kourkounis.
  3. Expect more updates ATP after the Organizers' Network Meeting tonight.

Friday, April 11th

4/9 BPP Organizers' Network Meeting Notes -- EPIC's Faces of Iraq
Photography Exhibit:

What follows are notes from our most recent meeting on items
related to the Faces of Iraq Photography Exhibit we've decided to
sponsor. I'll review our poster notes and provide additional
updates on the meeting when and as time permits.

If any active meeting participants are willing to volunteer to take
notes at meetings for subsequent review and distribution, it will
improve our collaborative capabilities. I suggest as an alternative
that anyone present at a meeting who is sufficiently interested in
a particular discussion or decision topic take the initiative of writing
it up and sharing it with the group via this list.

For those receiving copies of these notes who are not active
members of the BPP Organizers' Network, slightly dated information
can be found on our Web pages at:

Faces of Iraq Exhibit URL's:
Additional information on EPIC's Faces of Iraq Exhibit for potential supporters
and organizers alike can be found at:

EPIC's Exhibit site:

EPIC Home Page and Site:

BPP Organizers' Network Buffalo Showing, Planning Pages:

BPP Organizers' Network Buffalo Showing, Public Event Promotion Pages: (same content at this time)

Decision Making:
At the BPP Organizers' Network Meeting this Wednesday, the group
decided unanimously to proceed with decision making by those
present at meetings. Decisions affecting the entire group, such
as those related to use of funds, will be communicated to the
larger group via this list. Any subsequent amendments of
or modifications to such decisions as a result of comments
received from bpp-organizers list members will similarly be
effected by those present at meetings with some consideration
given to those who regularly participate and invest of themselves
in the group. Until modified by the group, this will be our routine
collective decision making process.

Faces of Iraq Exhibit Budget Cap:
The group decided to approve a budget cap of $800 for expenditures
related to the exhibit. These include the exhibit fee ($250), shipping
expenses (<$100) and expenses related to extended hours or
support for planned events related to the exhibit. I have been granted
authority to approve such expenditures subject to the cap with the
understanding that all such expenditures will be tracked and reported
to the group in a timely manner.

The group also decided to reduce exhibit time by one day, avoiding
a conflict with Mothers' Day on 5/11 and improving likelihood of
on-time delivery to the next exhibit venue in Syracuse, NY. The closing
reception is now planned for Saturday evening 5/10. The opening
reception is still planned for Sunday evening 5/4 assuming that delivery
plans for the exhibit from Michigan remain on track.

Faces of Iraq Exhibit Sponsor Billing:
In addition to primary sponsor billing for CEPA Gallery for hosting
the exhibit, the BPP Organizers' Network, HAG Theater, and Righteous
Babes Records and will be credited as exhibit sponsors wherever
possible in promotional material now being prepared by CEPA
Gallery's graphic artists. A list of exhibit supporters will be developed
as rapidly as possible for use in supplemental flyers and related
event promotions.

Faces of Iraq Exhibit Supporters:
To avoid confusion, I'd appreciate a short explicit email with permission
to include your organization in the list of supporting organizations for the
exhibit. An incomplete draft list of possible supporting organizations
follows along with support affirmation status. Please respond direct to
if you want your organization listed among those supporting the
exhibit. Delaying your response increases the likelihood that your
organization will not be included in published lists on PR material and
press releases. I'll provide periodic updates as appropriate.

Alt Press (UNK)
Amnesty International Local 565 (UNK)
Buffalo Forum (UNK)
BuffaloPeacePeople Organizers' Network (YES)
Buffalo State Students for Peace (UNK)
CEPA Gallery (YES)
Green Party of Erie County (UNK)
HAG Theater (YES)
Iraqi House (UNK)
Olean Area Coalition for Peace & Justice (UNK)
Pax Christi WNY (UNK)
Riverside-Salem United Church of Christ (UNK)
Righteous Babes Records (YES)
SOA Watch (UNK)
Social Justice Committee of St. Joseph University (UNK)
UB Faculty and Staff for Peace (YES)
UB Student Alliance for Peace (UNK)
United Church of Christ (UNK)
Western New York Peace Center (YES)
Women in Black (Buffalo) (UNK)
Workers' World (UNK)

Please help solicit interest from any potential organizational supporters,
whether active with the BPP Organizers' Network or not. Becoming an
exhibit supporter need not entail any more than willingness to be publicly
listed as such, although help with planning and logistic support will always
be welcome.

Faces of Iraq Exhibit Promotional Mailings:
Representatives from the WNY Peace Center and the Green Party of
Erie County will explore mailings of exhibit promotional material to
their respective membership lists. A common flyer will be developed
by CEPA Gallery graphic artists for such purposes and the group
agreed to work towards the use of commonly developed and reviewed
promotional material. Other supporting groups with membership lists
and distribution capabilities are asked to help out to whatever extent
they can manage.

Feel free to forward these notes to any individual or organization you feel
may be interested.

Friday, April 4th

The CEPA Gallery will be the exhibit venue.  The exhibit is being sponsored by CEPA Gallery and the BuffaloPeacePeople Organizers' Network with the generous support of  HAG Theater and their Lysistrata Project.  Jim Whitlock and Lawrence Brose will coordinate planning and logistic support; Jim on behalf of  the BuffaloPeacePeople Organizers' Network and local activist interests and Lawrence on behalf of CEPA Gallery and the various professionals who will be handling everything from preparation of PR materials to gallery preparation.  Please coordinate all related interests and plans with that team.  Email Jim Whitlock at if you need to establish contact with active planning work-groups.

While not yet finally confirmed, we are working towards an opening reception on Sunday, May 4th and a closing reception on Mothers' Day, Sunday, May 11th

We do not now foresee moving the exhibit while it is in Buffalo but that door is not entirely closed.  The logistic burdens and expenses would be considerable, however, and any such plans would need to be finalized within the next 5-7 days in order to meet the lock-down deadline for production of PR materials and promotion.

The Exhibit will normally close during weekdays at 5:00 PM but extended hours, including use of the building atrium for companion discussions, film or video showings and the like are desired and possible if we can find the appropriate support people and resources.  Contact Jim Whitlock if you or your group would like to propose and support such activities.

Wednesday, April 2nd

EPIC's Faces of Iraq photography exhibit has now been booked for showings in Buffalo.  Descriptive information will be posted here as soon as it can be organized.

Buffalo's booking is scheduled for May 2nd through May 15th, 2003.  EPIC advises allowing 1-2 days at each end for setup and take-down so we're estimating actual showings from May 4th through May 13th.

An opening reception event will be planned.  Evening presentation and discussion events co-located with the exhibit will also be planned.  Special arrangements for school visits will be planned if resources and personnel permit.

The CEPA gallery, in the historic Market Arcade building in Buffalo's downtown Theater District, has offered to host the showing for the duration.  A few other possibilities for showings are also being investigated.  Plans must be settled by April 3rd to allow EPIC and local graphic arts and PR professionals time to develop PR materials and to ramp-up publicity for the primary showing(s).  Early announcement details were required by EPIC on April 1st to meet their own publication deadlines. 

Final plans will be developed by the BPP Organizers' Network both on-line and at its regular meeting on Wednesday, April 2nd (see calendar for details).  All Organizers' Network meetings are open meetings but much of the actual work behind event planning takes place via email, phone and face-to-face meetings on an ongoing basis.  Get in touch if you want to get active with the group.

Multiple venues are possible and we would love to have a showing on a large local campus for student exposure.  Available time, resources and heavy setup/takedown burdens may, however, preclude multiple showings for this visit.

If you have specific interests or suggestions and have not been in touch, email Jim Whitlock at ASAP.


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Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
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